About Us

 NHPFA each year organizes New Hampshire's only two officially sanctioned American Poultry Association and American Bantam Association shows. Our annual show is always held on the second Sunday of October. The poultry section of the Deerfield Fair is also set up and staffed mainly by NHPFA members, and it is sanctioned by the APA and ABA. NHPFA donates the sanction fees each year to the Fair, for the benefit of the New Hampshire poultry exhibitors. The poultry section of the Deerfield Fair is the finest of all the fairs in the state. None other comes close, partially due to the dedication and hard work of the NHPFA membership. For more information on entering the Deerfield Fair, see their website at http://www.deerfieldfair.com/
Membership to the NHPFA is a $20.00 annual fee per houshold paid at the time of your entry to the annual show. This membership fee goes towards the purchasing of awards and ribbons as well as general show upgrades.  
The main three events at which members participate are for our set up day and barn cleaning day in August as well as the clean up after the Deerfield Fair, which is always held on the Monday after the fair closes, in preparation for our Annual show, and the clean up on the day of the Annual Show itself. A yearly organizational meeting is held each Spring this is where we discuss club business and elect officers. Anyone who is a member in good standing is welcome to attend and cast their vote and voice their opinion.


Brian Knox - President / Show Super

Robert Poole - Vice President

Hope Holt - Secretary / Treasurer